Spinach, 2023

Helping Spinach streamlining their checkout process.

UI Design

During Memorisely's UX/UI bootcamp, I worked on improving the checkout process of the Spinach app. Over a period of two weeks, I converted lo-fidelity wireframes into hi-fidelity prototypes of the checkout process.


Convert lo-fidelity wireframes into a hi-fidelity prototype


2023, 2 weeks



Adobe Photoshop

Project overview

The product:

Spinach is a vegetable box that fights food waste. They rescue odd and surplus fruits and vegetables straight from farms, delivering them to their customers' doorstep.

The goal:

The goal was to increase customer satisfaction by streamlining the checkout process for vegetable deliveries, creating a seamless and efficient experience.


The goal was to convert the lo-fidelity wireframes into a hi-fidelity prototype. For this, I first defined a 4-column grid that follows the 4-pixel rule. I specified primary, secondary and neutral colors and defined them in different shades. As a font I chose “Lexend” in semibold and regular, because it looks clean and clear and the visuals should support a simple, straightforward ordering process. I then created the various components and used them to create the hi-fidelity prototype.

High Fidelity Prototype

I built the individual frames for each step of the checkout process. Here I focused on a reduced representation of the process. Below is the final version of the prototype that I created.

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Feel free to contact:

© 2023 Tina Schüler, +49 (0) 1520 27 32 096