Diploma Work

Diploma Work –
The Visuality of Oblivion

Book Design

Graphic Design



This book was created as part of my diploma thesis. It is a photographic, typographic and (info)graphic reflection on the visuality of oblivion.

Perception operates through the interaction of multiple sensory stimuli, comparable to a multimedia sequence and constantly restructuring instance. Photography as a medium is able to visually freeze a fraction of perception. Does photography, in its one-dimensionality, superimpose the multidimensional memory inherent in us with every renewed recall? Does the externalized memory destroy the immanent memory?

Concept & Design

Tina Schüler


Prof. Jay Rutherford

Gaby Kosa


170 mm x 230 mm

208 pages


Adobe Indesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Large format photography

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Feel free to contact:

© 2023 Tina Schüler, +49 (0) 1520 27 32 096